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Головна - Even the state standard mark does not guarantee the quality of the cream product!

Even the state standard mark does not guarantee the quality of the cream product!

Real butter should have a fat content of 72 to 82%. Depending on the mass fraction of fat, butter is divided into groups: extra butter; peasant butter; butter sandwich; heating oil. Genuine butter must meet the following criteria:

- taste and smell - clean, without foreign tastes and odors, characteristic of butter, with or without the taste of pasteurized cream;

- consistency - homogeneous, plastic, dense;

- the surface in the section - slightly shiny and dry in appearance or with the presence of single small drops of moisture;

- color - uniform throughout the mass, from white to yellow.

No matter how careful you are when buying factory butter, there is no guarantee that it is really natural. In addition to a special laboratory, everyone can check at home if it contains vegetable fats and emulsifiers.

Pour hot water into a clear glass or jar, then add one tablespoon of store-bought butter. Stir the oil in the water until completely dissolved.

If the butter is completely dissolved in water and the water has turned white - butter is high quality and does not contain vegetable fats.

If after you have stirred the oil in the water, sediment has fallen on the walls and bottom of the glass (jars) - the oil is not of good quality. It contains vegetable proteins and fats.

What is the use of this? At the very least, you'll know whether to trust the manufacturer you choose, or whether it's better to prefer another.